Friday, May 14, 2010

Puppy Update

Sierra Dog
First Swim!

Its been about 2 months since Ruger's last update. Life has been just slightly crazy. Ruger is getting big (and BAD) Well the badness is at least calming down a little bit (a very little bit). Over the last few weeks I have seen him starting to shift to wanting to be close to me. He sleeps with me. He lays at my feet. He is almost always touching me with some part of his body. I didn't think there was a sweet dog under that badness. But it is emerging every so slowly. Last weekend we were at Blue Marsh with four other dogs besides my four. Eight dogs all off leash! They were so well behaved. The last section of our walk the dogs were hot and thirsty so the lake was very welcoming. Puppy first wasn't too sure. But before too long was belly deep. No swimming yet but he wasn't afraid to be in this far! Brave little dude.
I finally convinced Brian to come video at Liz's. I have been telling him for months I want updated video of our agility puppy in action. So here he is. 10 months old. This course is designed as an excellent level course. But we only did 15 obstacles (and no weave poles just yet). We have a goal that in the next few months those weave poles need to get a bit straighter. Pay no attention to the goofy looking handler who needs to lose weight to keep up with her pup!!!

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