Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow... and Seven Months

SNow.... On Feb 5/6 we were handed a beautiful coating (15 inches) of snow......... 5 days later we were dealt a second punch. Not sure what our "official" snow fall amount was. It was difficult to measure since we had already had a base of snow. And the second storm came wit Blizzard like conditions. So, there was wind and drifting.. Lets just say that in some spots we measured about 24 inches.... BUT..... when we walk to the barn there are spots where the snow is at my thigh level which is more then 24 inches.... The dogs are split between having a blast, and not knowing what to do with all this snow. we have to watch or we'll lose the little dog, Tressa.. But then again there are spots that she can just walk on top of the snow since she is so light. Ruger.. he looks like he is swimming through it. He is having a blast. Seven months now. He is such a cutie. His fur is as soft as silk. But don't let those good looks fool you. He has put the B in bad and the BAD in Border Collie. One thing he is not Bad at though is his agility. He takes agility very seriously. What an awesome little dude... Maybe agility pictures next time. This time stay warm while you enjoy our snow.

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