Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Six Months!!!

Well this post is about a month overdue.. We have been quite busy around the dog house and then to top it off I lost the power on my computer for about a week. One week, no computer ugH!!

The end of January was busy.. Hannah, Ruger, and Kasey spent two weekends with me at agility trials. Ryott joined us during week two. Week one we spent at Penn State. The Penn State photos and the Ruger jump photos are compliments of my traveling companion for the first weekend. Heather (the dogs favorite petsitter and photographer) Got to see how NOT to compete in agility. We had a rough weekend. But we ended by touring Penn State and sitting with the Nittany Lion. BTW--- look at that jump height! The bar is set at 12 inches. Which is all a puppy Ruger's age should be jumping. But he is clearing the bar by 8 INCHES!!! He is quite the jumper. And absolutely loves to jump!

Weekend two we took some photos and had a good day on Saturday. Kasey had the best agility run she has ever had and qualified and took 2nd place. Ryott also qualified. Sunday.... Ryott had the best run. Not a qualifying run... but that was the highlight of the day. The rest was just a bummer and will force a change of course for Hannah. Nuff said.

And last take a look at this photo... Quite a resemblance!!

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