Saturday, December 12, 2009

Swapping Outfits!! (or I am in touch with my feminine side

My mom and My Godmom Linda are out of their minds! Mom had a bright idea to take us to George's Christmas party on Thurday night with me dressed in what was supposed to be Tressa's jacket. I guess since i fit into it she thought I looked cute. It was ok I guess and it WAS cold out... so the jacket kind of kept me warm, and it was Red and white so a bit Christmassy. (Ryott on the other hand wore Kasey's Jingle Bell collar!!!) Well... once the party was well underway My mom asked if my new friend Moxie would want my jacket. I certainly won't fit into it for very long so may as well give it to a friend who can wear it. In turn Godmom Linda decided it would be very cute to see if i could fit into Moxie's sweater. Unfortunately it DID fit and then I had to pose for photos wearing IT. Well I know it is a beautiful sweater, and Miss Moxie is a beautiful little Cavalier, but I however AM a boy dog! Here are the photos. Please don't laugh it was not my idea. Doesn't Miss Moxie look great in her new red jacket!!!
"I think you are cute but I am gonna bite my mom for making me wear this sweater!"

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  1. These are adorable pictures Ruger! I think you look great! :)