Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow dog!

Little Dude is getting big quick. He is almost 5 months old! I would have to say he is at least 18 pounds! Saturday was his first snow day, but I was at work so all I have are a few really dark mobile phone photos Brian sent to me. He was not fond of the cold billowy stuff between his toes. Well tonight is snow number two for the week. We had a dusting before it changed to sleet. This is Little Dude just standing for a pose in the snow.
We had another agility lesson tonight. Found out tonight our instructor may qualify for the WORLD TEAM next year! How cool is that? She has a little ruby Cavalier who I have just loved since he was a puppy who will be going to Nationals in Oklahoma and then in May hopefully for try outs. Anyway.... Ruger is loving his agility lessons. We moved on to rear crosses tonight. He loves to jump. His initial love of the teeter has slowed down a bit. But he has now seen all the obstacles. His chute is almost fully closed, and he tunnels in a U and under the A-frame too!
He is still all business. Not a big cuddle dog at all. When the collar goes on he is ready to work. Maybe another agilty video before Christmas. Saving his Christmas photo I took a few weeks ago for Christmas Day.

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