Friday, October 2, 2009

Puppy arrives

Meet our new puppy! his life started down south in Tennessee. After several months of searching we were sent this photo and knew right away we had found our new puppy. Two weeks later puppy took a truck ride from his old home to ours. His first few days were spent with Dad as Mom was a bit under the weather. He has been with us a bit over a week now and every day is an adventure as he learns new things about life as a dog on Someday Farm.

My first few days with him were just spent watching him and trying to find food he will eat. Trying to get him outside at the exact moments he needs to go. Sometimes we succeeded and sometimes we were a little late. But the funny thing is; when we succeed I get him to the grass and where I place him is where he pees. Funny little dog.

After a day I figured out his on button was hamburger!! Woohooo does he love hamburger. He learned sit pretty quick and also learned that the hamburger comes from the refridgerator. This is one smart little dog. He is also a good tugger. I watched him tug the handle on my bottom dresser until the dresser actually opened. I think we will be able to teach him to open and close doors!

One full week down and we went through a zillion names. Zot, Zoom, Atom, Bullet, Riddle, Rebel, Radar, Picasso, Oliver, Yelpir.... etc were some of the names. Puppy Puppy, Puppy and NO were the favorites.

Sabyr has been his favorite playmate, much to Sabyr's dismay. She growls and hollers but then in the end lets him crawl all over her. Hannah has learned to play tug of war. Kasey.. hmm well Kasey does not like him much, nor does Ryott. Tressa thinks he is made of electricity. Every time he touches her she jumps and turns inside herself as if she has been electricuted. Sierra mothers him sometimes and sometimes growls depends on her mood.

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