Friday, October 9, 2009

More fun puppy days

Ruger is getting big fast. He already feels twice the size of when we first got him. He is starting to fit in as a member of the pack. I think his role is that of entertainer. The only one who just wishes he would disappear is Tressa. Ruger tinks it is fun to herd her. round and round circles ever closer until she growls barks snaps at him to tell him she has had enough. The funny thing is she does not run from him anymore she just stands her ground. Today puppy went to the back yard for the first time. Still not doing stairs so he got carried down. What puppy fun he can run all over without me chasing after him worrying he will escape. Then we went off to play with Theresa, Paul and Noah. Oh and Jazzy too. They had a blast playing tug. He was one tired Border Collie. But not too tired, because he came home and had the zoomies. Sprawling his toys out all over the bedroom and playing with the basket the toys are supposed to be in. Too bad he has not learned to pick up the toys yet!

Puppy and his Best friend Sabyr Honey

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