Monday, October 19, 2009

Dog (and CAT) agility

These two videos were supposed to show that our little guy is having a great time doing sequences in agilty. He works well beside me and being sent out over obstacles. We are up to a sequence of four now. On Friday night we worked on three off-set jumps and the tunnel (which he does completely on his own now!) He completed this sequence from my right and my left side. Too bad I did not have anyone to video. Tonight we set out to video little man doing his sequences.... What we got was a bonus! When I train Ruger at home I not only train Ruger but he gets followed on ALL the equipment by Patches our 8 year old porch cat. He is a hoot. I may have to send this to you tube! Wonder what I could pass Patches off as in the AKC? Maybe a odd shaped Pappilion?

pay no attention to the goofy looking human in her PJ's

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