Tuesday, October 6, 2009

AGILITY Beginnings

So tonight Ruger went for his first formal agility lesson. He says he is ready for his MACH!! Well he has a lot to learn in the next year but this little guy sure has a knack for the agility equipment. Puppy actually had two agility lessons today. He went through his first full tunnel at Aunt Kathy and Uncle George's place. KT helped us through the tunnel and even over the teeter. Then tonight at Liz's we started working on equipment and distance! LOL distance work for a puppy is a few feet but we had him driving over a 2 inch jump to a target plate. He got that idea real quick. He did a few more tunnels, and practised 2 on 2 off at the contact obstacles. Then Little Mr. showed Liz how he can do the teeter almost all by himself (full height teeter!!!). Well his lesson was over and the other dogs had their turn while he learned to wait (mostly patiently) in the round pen. Well after being sprung from te rund pen Little Mr. decided he was not done playing...... Liz and I were talking about 40 feet from him just running around being a puppy. When all of a sudden Liz stopped breathing..... OMG the puppy is doing the teeter.... full height... all by himself.... no help... we did not know whether to run or just stay still. So we walked calmly toward him.. He got to the bottom and stopped while called out soothingly good boy good boy. We did not want to spook him. WOW!!! At 12 weeks he has just done a full regulation teeter. Much to our dismay.

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  1. Oh my what a cutie! for those of us who are "agility challenged" you'll have to post some pictures with captions of each of the pieces of "equipment" you're describing - for instance, what's a "regulation teeter"?