Monday, October 26, 2009

Someday's Here by Heart

I know this is Ruger's blog. But I don't think Ruger will mind sharing his story with his pack brothers and sisters. Well this post is Hannah's story (in a nut shell). Then working up to her wonderful weekend.

Meet Hannah. Ruger's BIG pack sister. This beautiful German Shepherd Dog found her way to our hearts before Christmas of 2006. A man knocked on our door.. Asked if we were missing a dog?? Of course we were not. Well he said he was taking her to the pound. Bleeding hearts that we are we said NO WAY. We'll find her owners. (YEAH RIGHT) Hannah was approximately nine months old at the time. No one came to claim her. Our neighbors originally decided to take her. But Hannah had a different plan. Several weeks went by and Hannah found herself back at our place. She settled in... Then we noticed she was tired after running. And her ears appeared to jump with every heart beat. Two cardiology appointments later and we were scheduled for open heart surgery for a patent ductus arteriosis. She did well.

Hannah before Surgery
Left side shaved after surgery
And Hannah NOW!!! Hannah had her first Agility trial this last weekend. She took first place in AKC Novice standard! Hannah we are so proud of her!! The title of the post is Hannah's AKC registered name.

I know this is Ruger's blog. But I don't think Ruger will mind sharing his story with his pack brothers and sisters. Well this post is Hannah's story (in a nut shell). Then working up to her wonderful weekend.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dog (and CAT) agility

These two videos were supposed to show that our little guy is having a great time doing sequences in agilty. He works well beside me and being sent out over obstacles. We are up to a sequence of four now. On Friday night we worked on three off-set jumps and the tunnel (which he does completely on his own now!) He completed this sequence from my right and my left side. Too bad I did not have anyone to video. Tonight we set out to video little man doing his sequences.... What we got was a bonus! When I train Ruger at home I not only train Ruger but he gets followed on ALL the equipment by Patches our 8 year old porch cat. He is a hoot. I may have to send this to you tube! Wonder what I could pass Patches off as in the AKC? Maybe a odd shaped Pappilion?

pay no attention to the goofy looking human in her PJ's

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Guest Post

Ruger's guest post today comes from Heather... Heather has been watching our pooches when we are away for years. The dogs absolutely positively LOVE when Heather comes to see them. Yesterday was Ruger's first visit from Heather. The pooches give her many photo opportunities while she is here. Yesterday she sent me these photos after she got home. I think she tired out the pooches...... Especially the puppy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Ok so our first herding lessons are not sheep... But Tressa (our poor chinese crested powderpuff) has unfortunately been picked as Ruger's first herding lessons. He's got some great moves!!! Poor Tressa... Don't worry we'll get Ruger on some sheep soon.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Another Day.. KIDS!

Today we had visitors. My girlfriend and her kids. Ruger thought this a great opportunity to practise hisherding skills. Kaitlyn's ankles sure do look like sheep! Kaitlyn did not like this idea too much. Brandon on the other hand did a great job as puppy sitter. This is Ruger's first group shot. Unfortunately Hannah is missng. Hannah has not been exposed to small kids often, so we took it slow. She did great. But better to have done a good job in a sort period of time then to have pushed her too far for her first lesson in kids.

Friday, October 9, 2009

More fun puppy days

Ruger is getting big fast. He already feels twice the size of when we first got him. He is starting to fit in as a member of the pack. I think his role is that of entertainer. The only one who just wishes he would disappear is Tressa. Ruger tinks it is fun to herd her. round and round circles ever closer until she growls barks snaps at him to tell him she has had enough. The funny thing is she does not run from him anymore she just stands her ground. Today puppy went to the back yard for the first time. Still not doing stairs so he got carried down. What puppy fun he can run all over without me chasing after him worrying he will escape. Then we went off to play with Theresa, Paul and Noah. Oh and Jazzy too. They had a blast playing tug. He was one tired Border Collie. But not too tired, because he came home and had the zoomies. Sprawling his toys out all over the bedroom and playing with the basket the toys are supposed to be in. Too bad he has not learned to pick up the toys yet!

Puppy and his Best friend Sabyr Honey

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

AGILITY Beginnings

So tonight Ruger went for his first formal agility lesson. He says he is ready for his MACH!! Well he has a lot to learn in the next year but this little guy sure has a knack for the agility equipment. Puppy actually had two agility lessons today. He went through his first full tunnel at Aunt Kathy and Uncle George's place. KT helped us through the tunnel and even over the teeter. Then tonight at Liz's we started working on equipment and distance! LOL distance work for a puppy is a few feet but we had him driving over a 2 inch jump to a target plate. He got that idea real quick. He did a few more tunnels, and practised 2 on 2 off at the contact obstacles. Then Little Mr. showed Liz how he can do the teeter almost all by himself (full height teeter!!!). Well his lesson was over and the other dogs had their turn while he learned to wait (mostly patiently) in the round pen. Well after being sprung from te rund pen Little Mr. decided he was not done playing...... Liz and I were talking about 40 feet from him just running around being a puppy. When all of a sudden Liz stopped breathing..... OMG the puppy is doing the teeter.... full height... all by himself.... no help... we did not know whether to run or just stay still. So we walked calmly toward him.. He got to the bottom and stopped while called out soothingly good boy good boy. We did not want to spook him. WOW!!! At 12 weeks he has just done a full regulation teeter. Much to our dismay.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Toss and Fetch

Believe it or Not Hannah and Puppy are becoming friends.

Grooming puppy for his future! Must include frisbee toss and fetch! He's just plain cute. And so much fun.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


What a beautiful Autumn day. We were outside all day today. Puppy played ALL day with some short naps. A tired puppy is a happy puppy.
Oh and as the title suggests he finally has his name as of Thursday night. RUGER. Pronounced Roooo- ger. R for Ripley. Ger for Dodger. Ruger is also the name of a pistol. So hopefully for an aglity prospect pup he will be sharp as a pistol.

Puppy's first photo shoot

Tuesday was puppy's first photo shoot. He weighs about 8 and a half pounds and is just so cute. I learned today that he loves hambuger. He learned to sit for said hamburger. He also learned that said hamburger comes from the fridge.
He also went on his first outing to the football game. The kids just loved him. And he loved all the kids.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Puppy arrives

Meet our new puppy! his life started down south in Tennessee. After several months of searching we were sent this photo and knew right away we had found our new puppy. Two weeks later puppy took a truck ride from his old home to ours. His first few days were spent with Dad as Mom was a bit under the weather. He has been with us a bit over a week now and every day is an adventure as he learns new things about life as a dog on Someday Farm.

My first few days with him were just spent watching him and trying to find food he will eat. Trying to get him outside at the exact moments he needs to go. Sometimes we succeeded and sometimes we were a little late. But the funny thing is; when we succeed I get him to the grass and where I place him is where he pees. Funny little dog.

After a day I figured out his on button was hamburger!! Woohooo does he love hamburger. He learned sit pretty quick and also learned that the hamburger comes from the refridgerator. This is one smart little dog. He is also a good tugger. I watched him tug the handle on my bottom dresser until the dresser actually opened. I think we will be able to teach him to open and close doors!

One full week down and we went through a zillion names. Zot, Zoom, Atom, Bullet, Riddle, Rebel, Radar, Picasso, Oliver, Yelpir.... etc were some of the names. Puppy Puppy, Puppy and NO were the favorites.

Sabyr has been his favorite playmate, much to Sabyr's dismay. She growls and hollers but then in the end lets him crawl all over her. Hannah has learned to play tug of war. Kasey.. hmm well Kasey does not like him much, nor does Ryott. Tressa thinks he is made of electricity. Every time he touches her she jumps and turns inside herself as if she has been electricuted. Sierra mothers him sometimes and sometimes growls depends on her mood.